Our Approach

Some manufacturers seek high volume/low cost. Others aim for top end works of art. My goal is to be in the middle with a quality product that’s affordable. I want each customer to have a great experience throughout the entire build of their product. I want you to become a successful performer as soon as possible. We’ll stay with you for any changes, refitting, enhancements or warranty so that each piece is suitable to your needs.

Our Story

I’ve been fascinated with everything western from a young age. Leather and rawhide braiding, western art, music, saddle making, and tooling have always been a passion. Saddle making had been limited to only a couple saddles per year until retiring from an engineering career. With extra time, and knowledge of trick riding needs from building my daughter’s saddles, I began concentrating on trick riding equipment in 2014. 

Hippodrome Trick Riding SaddleWhite Trick Riding Saddles

Next Steps…

Contact me for any of your custom saddle needs.  Let me know if you would like a copy of our standard pricing.  However, most importantly, I most want to see your ideas come to life in leather.  

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