Trick Riding Saddles

Available in natural or dyed skirting leather, covered in white leather or fully quilted.  Customized to your desires.  Comes complete with cinches and straps - ready to put on a horse.

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Roman Riding Pads

A fiberglass tree is used to create better fit to the horse and keep the pads from moving. Eliminates the need for a back cinch. Choice of colors, quilting, and trims. 

A more conventional design is also available with a rear cinch.  Choice of colors, quilting and trims.  

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Breast collars, straps, and repairs

Several options available for breast collars, straps, bridles and reins.  Lettering, fringe and accents.  

Repairs and complete rebuilds are available - no repair is too large.

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Custom Made at Factory Prices

Saddles are built individually and to your specifications. This enables us to easily add lettering, colors and other extras at an affordable cost. Describe what you are looking for and we'll work together on a design. Sketches will be shared to ensure all details are exact with updates provided during construction. 

Since 1993